About The Owner

Meet Keasha, the owner of GVHI

Keasha has a passion for Cannabis and Hemp Infusions along with essential oils and other botanicals. With many years of experience, she understands the true health benefits of Hemp.  Keasha and her family use all of the products offered and believes in them 100%. She hopes to make Hemp Oil affordable to everyone in need (including your pets) of its incredible healing properties. All products used are non GMO, organic, not tested on animals, vegan, 100% natural and non-psychoactive which means they won’t get you high! Keasha currently carries topical salves, body butters, tinctures/drops for people and also have a separate Pet tincture, & massage oils.

Keasha has multiple pets in her house hold and uses the pet tincture in her pet’s food daily to help everyone stay relaxed and age gracefully.  All products will help you and your pets get through the day with less pain and less stress, and all of the CBD used is 99.9% pure! Questions? Just call or text Keasha at 970-433-0771